IAQ & Covid-19 Guidelines

Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) have released document VG002, Covid-19 Practical Measures for Building Services Operation. The documents provide a summary of guidance provided by REHVA and additional content from CIBSE.

The reference documents provide guidance on how to operate HVAC and other building services system to prevent the spread of C-19 in workplaces. It stipulates that transmission of C-19 commonly occurs in enclosed indoor spaces.

Recommendations, include increasing air supply and exhaust ventilation, change CO2 setpoint to 400ppm to maintain operation. Keep ventilation in operation 24/7, with lower rates when unoccupied.

For spaces where the only means of ventilation is from an open window the use of CO2 monitors are important to prevent poor air quality. CO2 Devices commonly used in schools provide a visual indication of air quality based on a traffic light display, they can provide specific information to occupants to take action before the air quality becomes poor.

It is recommended by REHVA that the levels are temporarily changed to green-yellow 800ppm and red at 1000ppm, in order to promote as much ventilation as possible. Duomo offer compatible devices such as the Senseair tSense, CO2MC and TLD1.

All IAQ/CO2 products from the Duomo range can be offered to suit the recommended temporary levels. Sensors in the field can also be adjusted, by use of the touch screen (tSense), remote (CO2MC) or Modbus (TLD1).

Duomo has offered IAQ/CO2 Products for more than 20 years, we offer Duomo products and devices from market leader Senseair.