50% off Genuine COFI Ignition Transformers Selection Guide

Due to increased demand on sales of our COFI Ignition transformers it has allowed us to sell them at more competitive prices. Duomo (UK) is number one place to source genuine COFI products.

To support our customers and the growing combustion market we have a stock holding at our Droitwich base.

COFI was founded in 1974 and remains at the forefront of ignition transformer design.

Our support goes past simply a stock holding, we only supply genuine COFI products, offer technical support and back the COFI warranty.

The units we stock can be split in to two categories Electronic and inductive transformers. Their applications are Oil Burners, gas burners, pressure washers and anti-mosquito equipment.

It may seem like a very small component, but without a reliable transformer there is no process.

Looking at the transformer datasheets the offering can seem daunting, we hope the guide below will help with selection and application. It is only a basic guide so If you are still unsure give us a call so we can guide you through the process. We can even benchmark a replacement against a competitor’s unit.

Prominent Selection Parameters

Outlet Poles

1 Pole or 2 Pole, 1 pole is for connecting to a single electrode arcing to earth typically used on gas burners, whilst a 2 pole unit has two electrodes both arcing to earth, typically used on oil burners.


Units available suitable for 12V DC, 24V DC, 110V AC or 230V AC

Voltage Out

Typical transformers for burner systems are supplied at 8kV and above, but available from 1.5kV up to 15kV


Is the time of intermittent use as a percent, for example 33% on 3’ which equates to a 33% duty cycle over 3 minutes. However we can also offer 100% rated products for permanent operation.